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SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization,” a complex process by which website operators seek to increase incoming traffic to their virtual domains. It consists of several distinct techniques, each of which is designed to perform a different function in achieving the overall desired objective. As search engine algorithms and Cyberspace are ever evolving, however, some have posted that SEO is virtually obsolete and new techniques must be employed to accomplish its intended results.

Keywords and phrases are the central focus of all competent SEO campaigns. The secret to success is ascertaining keywords most frequently used in search queries before your competition does. The next step is strategic insertion of those keywords within on-page content to catch the attention of automated search engine spyders that determine relative ranking of your site on search results listings. Lots of tools exist that advertise claims of being able to guarantee instant ranking within the first page of results lists. Most of them fail to deliver what they promise, however. Some are free but most cost money.
After the best keywords have been identified through research, your next goal is to create content that includes them in the right places and ideal frequency. This is another controversial subject, as many purported experts advise using them in a natural way that flows well with overall content at a density of 1 to 2 percent of total wordcount. Others suggest a density as high as 5 percent, based on specific keyword(s) chosen. In either case, the task can be quite daunting. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to stuff an excessive number of keyword occurrences into content, as it will obscure the overall message you intend to convey.
Instead, the best approach is to insert multiple keywords. This is especially true if your incoming traffic and competition are high. Select a few shorter words that are not as commonly used. For example, “travel” is a very common word but research might reveal that “cross dresser travel safety” is not nearly as common and is thus a viable target keyphrase to include within on-page content. It is also much more likely to achieve the end result you want to realize from your exhaustive efforts – prominent ranking within search engine results listings.

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