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Three Hair Trends for 2017

Hair salons have an obligation to stay on top of the latest trends as and when they happen – and with the pattern of styles coming back time and time again as the years go by, it’s no wonder that 2017 looks set to see a selection of older styles made new again. Some hair care centres specialise in older fashions, while others may prefer to turn to the latest styles as dictated by celebrities and others that are in the public eye.

Here are three particular styles that look set to come back this 2017 – and in certain parts of the United Kingdom they already have!

The Perm

Permed hair was all the rage between the eighties and nineties, but in a shock turn of events almost two decades later, this unique style of hair has seen a rapid come back. Thousands of women are requesting the iconic style from their favourite hair stylists and many more look set to follow the trend this year.


Having hair highlighted was a popular colour treatment in the early 2000s. The style went quiet for about a decade, but it now looks like it’s on its way back ready for the year ahead. Men and women of all ages are asking their stylists to place the highlighting cap on their heads, pull strands through and then apply bleach to those follicles in an effort to add definition to their hair.


In England the term ‘bangs’ translates to a fringe, but thanks to the Americanisation of so many hair care salons in the country, it’s no wonder many stylists are starting to refer to this look as the same. Even men are starting to request this type of style, which is even stranger when considering that just a few years ago swept-off-the-face styles were some of the most popular in the UK.

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