Different Types Of Bicycles You Can Buy

Bicycles come in different shapes and sizes from which to choose. Some of the popular variants include mountain bike, city bike and racing bike.

Mountain bike

Do you like exploring nature? Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling. They have more compact geometries for reasons of practicality and manoeuvrability. These units are equipped with a gearbox with short ratios to tackle climbs, shock absorbers, tessellated tires of different sizes.

City bike

Do you use the bike for city travel? Do you want to be comfortable and travel only on asphalt or paved roads? Then a city bicycle is the one for you; not all are equipped with gearbox, carter or mudguards. They are very comfortable, the wheels can be 26 or 28 inches and are the most economical on the market.

City bikes are probably the most widespread in the world. Designed for urban use, they are often fitted with modest components and do not even have a gearbox. For this reason, they are the cheapest on the market. In recent years, the increase in urban cyclists has led companies to create models of city bikes that are anything but modest, combining good components with an appealing design.

For frequent urban use, some accessories may be useful, such as good lighting, a chain guard to protect the clothes from the chain, a luggage rack for light luggage or a front basket.

Touring bikes

Do you like to travel? Do not limit yourself to short city trips, but you like to enjoy the journey, hours on the saddle, landscapes and changing climate. Nothing can stop you because you have everything with you need on a touring bicycle. They are equipped with heavy duty gearbox, chassis and they put comfort first.

Racing bike

Do you like going fast without compromise? Do you want to enjoy miles of asphalt as fast as possible? Does your bike have to be fast and light? Do you think that the man-machine union should be a perfect combination of elegance and aerodynamics?

You only have one option to choose from different types of racing bicycles. The fixed shot is used in the tracks. Cyclocross variants have gearboxes, lending brakes, 28-inch wheels with dowels.

Foldable bike

Do you have to take public transport to, or do you always want to take it with you? The foldable bike can always be close to you. With a folding frame and small wheels, you can take it anywhere.

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