Best English Hair Salons

Three English Cities with the Best Hair Salons

The United Kingdom is well-known for the volume of hair salons that call the country their home. With dozens of reputable colleges and universities churning out hair stylists and therapists on a yearly basis, the country looks set to retain its position as one of the best beauty hot spots in the world. England itself plays host to hundreds of cities and towns, but which three are the most reputable for their hair care treatments?


People flock from all over the world to undergo a top-class hair treatment from an experienced London hair stylist. Needless to say, these hair specialists are some of the most reputable in the world, let alone in England, and as a result the City of London has quickly become one of the most popular spots for the rich and famous wanting to enjoy a hair care therapy.


The local universities in Manchester are responsible for the highest number of trained hair stylists and so the city itself isn’t short on the hair stylist front. Most hair care salons employ anywhere from a few to over a dozen experts – and with options to choose one that specialises in a particular range of treatments, the options are almost endless.


The city of Birmingham boasts one of the largest collections of hairdressers in the country, thanks in no small part to the salons that offer extensive experience to newly qualified hair stylists looking for work. Some salons in particular are well-known for treating the rich and famous and this can be more than enough appeal in and of itself. Fortunately, the majority don’t charge celebrity prices for the most part, making this city very popular for those wanting world-class treatments without the price tag.

These are just three cities within the United Kingdom offering the best hair care salons around. There are usually dozens in any given city, so booking an appointment can be easy.

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