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I would gladly give up everything I have to keep my family safe and healthy. They mean everything to me.

Of all the types of portraiture we create, family portraits are the most important, yet the least likely to be scheduled. Unlike a high school senior, or a new baby, or a wedding, there's no specific or "right"  time to have family portraits taken. You have to make time for it and it's so easy to put off until "later". Unfortunately all too often "later" never comes, or it comes too late. Come see Ekeler Photography for your wedding photography, senior portrait, family portrait, engagement portrait, baby portrait, commercial portrait and birth photography needs.

So many times people express to me the regrets of having just not gotten around to it, only to have something happen that makes it impossible to ever capture the family as it existed. We're not just talking about the loss of a loved one either, something as wonderful as your first child leaving the "nest" is a huge change in family dynamics. This is the main reason we include a free family session with our senior sessions. This may well be last time the family "together" like this. How better to remember the family before they start moving away, having family's of their own. The natural flow of life.

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Why is quality wedding photography so important? Your Wedding day is a Once in a Lifetime occasion. Ekeler Photography Studio does everything possible to capture not just the events of the day but the emotion of the day as well. From the nervous anticipation of the bride and groom as they prepare for the ceremony, and their new life together, to the joyous celebration of family and friends who have gathered to support and encourage at the reception. With multiple photographers, we will be there to capture it all.

Why multiple photographers? While most people know the advantages of multiple photographers now, when we began documenting events with two photographers, and then three, it was uncommon to say the least. Great wedding photography really requires multiple photographers. Multiple photographers really expand your day’s coverage. It not only allows us to be in more than one place at the same time, it also allows us to capture your day from different perspectives. These are not simply employees hired to follow you around taking snapshots; your friends and family could do that. Each photographer has his/her own style, his/her own unique way of seeing and capturing an image. This allows us to combine each artist’s original vision in a truly one of a kind documentary of your day. We believe that your wedding album should tell your story.

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